13-07-1921 Viel Giulio is born at Quantin, hamlet of a village called Comune di Ponte nelle Alpi (Belluno).

1935/37 Giulio, notwithstanding his low age, is commuting from Belluno to Milan. He helps his father Viel Giovanni to sell roast chestnuts during the winter months. In summer he works for a mobile ice cream maker. In the meantime Giulio is drafting a new idea in his mind.

1939/40 Second World War is to start shortly. Giulio continues selling roast chestnuts together with his father, but in summer it’s himself that prodeces the ice cream. Unfortunately World War II breaks out and as the men are called for the military service they have to close down the business.

1945 Giulio has been jailed by the Germans in a concentration camp, liberated by the Russians that wanted to deport him to Russia, but he escaped and managed to return home. There he restarts his venture, this time he is on his own as his father does no longer shuttle to Milan. Giulio is full of grit and determination with the focus on the realization of the idea that was "shaking" in his head. He increases his work by selling also watermelons, sweet chestnuts, crispy bars and ice cream - depending on the season.

1955 The years go by and Giulio is now the owner of six carts operated by pedals (as the ones portrayed in the photos). He assigns them to brothers and cousins that operate them around Milan like him, in front of schools, in parks and fairs, arriving even at Monza during the Grand Prix in motor racing. The "headoffice" was in via Conca del Naviglio in the quarter Porta Genova. Giulio decides that the time is ripe to realize his idea. He gives the carts to his employees and with the help of his wife and the generosity of his clients he opens the shop that he had desired so much. It’s the 10th October 1955, in via Baracchini (at 500 mt distance from the Duomo square) where "FRUTTETO VIEL" sees the light of the day. An innovative shop, almost risky, a place where the clients purchase fruit, but not only. The offer includes also delicious soft drinks prepared exclusively with fresh fruit, called "I FRULLATI" (= fruit shakes), tasty fruit salads called "LE MACEDONIE" and last but not least "IL GELATO" (= ice cream) that contains solely fresh fruit, water and sugar (it should be called sorbet, but Giulio loves defining it "ice cream without milk").

1998 Some changes are implemented, the ice cream is offered in 4/5 new flavours not made of fruit and still absolutely without milk. In the lunch break it's now possible to eat tasty salads.

2001 Frutteto Viel is still in the same place, ready to delight even the most demanding clients by offering quality, genuinity and freshness of the products. Of course Giulio Viel is supervising the business.

2006 The year of Giulio’s decease. It's his son Paolo that takes over the lead of Frutteto Viel, a natural oasis in the middle of the frenetic city of Milan.

2009 Frutteto Viel receives a decree of eviction and is forced to leave the storic location.

2010 In August 2010 Paolo Viel opens a new branch in via Sciesa 2 (zona 5 Giornate). He uses the well-proven concept of Giulio as basis, enhancing and refining it with the result of a very contemporary commercial activity. Apart from ice cream, fruit shakes (both of them still absolutely without milk), fruit salads, vegetable juices, exotic fruit and fruit baskets he offers a variety of coffee, gateaux (strictly without butter, milk and hydrogenated fat) and vegetarian cuisine. The dishes are prepared in the kitchen located in the rear area of the location. The freshness of the ingredients is uncompromising and the subtle cooking with water and seasoning with extra-virgin olive oil boost the original flavours.

2012 The story of Frutteto Viel continues …..